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允许多个域名或子域名,并且应该用空格分隔(例如“ * ”)。如果多个域或子域属于多个目录,则必须使用手动HTTP验证并将验证文件上传到正确的目录或使用DNS验证。




Free Wildcard Certificates
Wildcard certificates allow you to secure a domain and any subdomains under that domain. If you wanted to secure any subdomains of that you have now or in the future you can make a wildcard certificate. To generate wildcard certificates add an asterisk to the beginning of the domain(s) followed by a period. Wildcard domains do not secure the root domain so you must re-enter the root domain if you want it also secured under one certificate. For example to create a wildcard domain for enter * To create a wildcard certificate for multiple domains such as and enter * * Manual DNS verification will be required.

Multiple Domains or Subdomains or Wildcards
Multiple domains or subdomains are allowed and should be separated by spaces (e.g. " *"). If the multiple domains or subdomains pertain to multiple directories then you must use manual HTTP verification and upload verification files to the correct directories or use DNS verification.

Prevent WWW from being Added
We automatically add the www version of the domain if not already added as most users want that implicitly. To remove the www just submit the domains you want to verify then on the verification page near the top click on "Add / Edit Domains" and remove it and submit again.
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